Ernakulam Bar Association : Digital Security & Cyber Law Training

Ernakulam Bar Association : Training on Digital Security & Cyber Law

In the rapidly growing digital age, information and communication technologies have become an integral part of legal practice making it crucial for lawyers to enhance their cyber safety practices., in collaboration with the Ernakulam Bar Association, conducted an interactive training session on Digital Security and Cyber Law on August 7th, 2023. The training aimed to equip the esteemed members of the Bar Association with the latest insights on data protection, best cyber security practices and cyber law.

The session provided the attendees with essential tools to navigate the digital landscape safely and smoothly transition into basic digital hygiene practices.

Training Facilitators:

Prasanth Sugathan, Legal Director,

Arjun Adrian D’Souza, Volunteer Legal Counsel,

Nilay Shah, Research Fellow,

Kiran S. Kunjumon, Technologist, is open to collaborating with organizations to conduct pro bono Digital Security Trainings and help individuals across the globe safeguard their digital spaces. Write to us at if you are interested in a Digital Security Training.

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