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  • Don’t listen to the IT giants: Eben Moglen May 02, 2016 The Indian government has rightly rested its Digital India initiative on a series of measures to liberalise the economy. One of those measures of free-market wisdom, however, the usual government-cheering section suddenly seems to be ...
  • Without rules, Sahibs may own your data March 21, 2016 Now that the inevitable death of Free Basics by Facebook has happened and the dust has settled, the real outlines of the government of India’s Internet and Digital India policies are coming into focus. The ...
  • Info-graphic on Internet censorship in India (2012 – 2015) December 10, 2015 A record of instances of Internet censorship in India between 2012 and 2015 is depicted in the info-graphic below; details of these can be accessed here.

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