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NetMundial 2014
  • Civil Society Closing Statement At NETmundial 2014 April 28, 2014 The Civil Society has expressed deep disappointment that the NETmundial outcome document has failed to address key concerns like surveillance and net neutrality.  Best Bits, a civil society network, has come up with the following ...
  • India’s Submission to Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance April 23, 2014 The Government of India made the following submission to NETMundial, the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance.  The meeting will be held from April 23-24, 2014. General: 1. Internet is a shared ...
  • NetMundial Submissions April 23, 2014 The JustNet Coalition, of which SFLC.IN is a member, supports immediate reform of the present Internet Governance ecosystem and has accordingly made the following submissions to the Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance, being ...
Events In News

  • Solution to online privacy issues soon August 19, 2015 New Version of FreedomBox Offers private, secure, Fault-Tolerant Internet Access At a time when privacy in internet is becoming  a concern world over, free software pioneer, futurist and activist Prof Eben Moglen says a  convincing ...
  • Instituting the Freedom to Share July 21, 2015  Prof. Eben Moglen and Mishi Choudhary wrote an op-ed that appeared in The Hindu on March 20, 2015, discussing the need for a national innovation policy rather than a National IPR policy. The op-ed can ...
  • Telecom companies should not own content, urge net neutrality experts June 24, 2015 As the government firms up its policy on ensuring net neutrality, experts urge that disallowing telecom operators from owning any proprietary content could become a direct way to ensure that no specific content is pushed ...