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How regulations are playing spoilsport for Indian startups

In an article discussing the provisions in a draft law for entrepreneurs ranging from cryptocurrency to online pharma Mishi Choudhary as quoted as saying “The GoI is unable to either protect the rights of its citizens or provide clear, easy-to-follow, supportive environment for businesses” 


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Aadhaar verdict: Can you sue UIDAI and its licensed entities for offence?

In an article discussing possible actions that can be taken against UIDAI after aadhaar verdict, SFLC spokesperson was quoted as saying "The SC order says that there needs to be a ‘suitable amendment to include the provision for filing of such a complaint by an individual/victim as well whose right is violated.’ This means that the parliament needs to bring out a law which says that individuals have the right to file a complaint," 


Why does the north–south divide extend to internet shutdowns?

An article discussing divide in internet shutdowns between north and south India, Prasanth Sugathan was quoted as saying “If you look at laws that are used to impose internet shutdowns — the commonly used CrPC Section 144 or the Telegraph Act that’s been used in some cases — they are applicable uniformly across the country.” 

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Supreme Court strikes down some sections of Aadhaar Act: What it means

In an article discussing the revamped legal framework for Aadhaar by Supreme Court, Prasanth Sugathan was quoted as saying, “The limitations about time of storage, on metadata analysis and state interference are important developments for privacy. Also, the striking down of Section 57 that gave access to private companies puts a stop to this mission creep of Aadhaar. This gives much-needed relief to the common public”. 


Centre mulls strict warning for WhatsApp as face-off over origin of fake messages continues

In an article discussing the ongoing faceoff between messaging platform WhatsApp and the government which has reached the Supreme Court, Prasanth Sugathan said that messaging platforms will have to work with various stakeholders to prevent the spread of misinformation and violent content.

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SFLC.in announces a digital security training program

ET Tech published a report on our recently launched Digital Security Trainings initiative, as part of which we will be organizing workshops across the country to raise awareness and impart hands-on training around digital security practices.

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The What, Why and How of the GPL

In this article Mishi Choudhary discusses Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and its importance
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India’s internet shutdowns are costing the economy billions of dollars

In an article discussing government's growing tendency to switch off the internet to contain social and political disturbances, data from SFLC website is mentioned