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| Economic Times announces a digital security training program

ET Tech published a report on our recently launched Digital Security Trainings initiative, as part of which we will be organizing workshops across the country to raise awareness and impart hands-on training around digital security practices.


In Kashmir, ban on Pakistani TV channels raises questions – about those from Delhi (and Mumbai)

In an article linking ban on Pakistani news channels in Kashmir with rising incidence of frequent Internet Shutdowns, statistics from were mentioned.

| Huffington Post India

How Andhra Pradesh Built India's First Police State Using Aadhaar And A Census

In an article that discussed the privacy implications of Aadhaar and other personal information such as GPS location of homes being recorded during Census in Andhra Pradesh, Mishi Choudhary was quoted as saying, “I wish I could tell you that this wasn't alarming. In the absence of a Data Protection Framework or jurisprudence on data collection and usage by state parties in the name of efficiency such practices continue.


Manipur under a five-day internet shutdown, Arunachal orders one for state exams

The article mentioned our blog post RTI reply from Rajasthan Home Department reveals 26 unreported Internet Shutdowns and our internet shutdowns tracker 


Number of Internet Shutdowns in 2017–18 higher than previously reported: RTI

The article mentioned our blog post RTI reply from Rajasthan Home Department reveals 26 unreported Internet Shutdowns and our internet shutdowns tracker 

| hindustantimes

How Google’s $5bn EU antitrust fine could impact mobile phone industry

In an article discussing the impact of Google’s EU antitrust fine on developers, smartphone makers and users, Mishi Choudhary was quoted as saying, “It’s a big number and if it continues to be a percentage of the revenue, it will be a number that gets everyone’s attention. But this will be appealed by Google/Alpahebet and after years of litigation, it will get settled to some smaller amount. EU is clearly saying that it wishes to build policy against the platform companies. No conceivable US or Indian Govt. will ever do it. The despotic regimes like Russian, Iran and China build their own platforms and subject them to their laws. No imminent impact on users.”

| The Quint

What’s Up With the WhatsApp Updates? All Your Questions Answered

In an article discussing new updates in WhatsApp including limitations on forwarding messages/videos, was quoted saying, “It is unclear whether one will be able to forward a message to a single group that might have more than five members.”

| The Hindu

Should WhatsApp be held accountable for lynchins?

In an article discussing the rise in lynchings and mob violence due to rumors being spread on WhatsApp, Mishi Choudhary wrote a section arguing the complicated nature of matter and government responsibility for maintaining law and order, and possible fixes available for social media platforms. She wrote, “As a range of organisations led by have pointed out, WhatsApp allows people to be added to groups without their knowledge or consent. This is a bug in the platform that causes increased social risk, because socially inflammatory messaging is easily spread by adding people to groups formed for the purpose of incitement. These are groups that these people would probably never join on their own.