Joint Letters to ECI and Platform Companies on Generative AI and Manipulated Media Content

The rise of deepfake technology presents unparalleled challenges to the integrity of our electoral systems, allowing for the creation of convincingly altered media that is hard to distinguish from reality. On March 7th, 2024, we convened a panel of experts for a discussion titled ‘Ballots and Bots: Elections 2024 In a Digital World’, focusing on digital interference in India’s upcoming national elections. During this session, experts explored the looming threats posed by political parties’ IT cells, Misinformation Campaigns, Deep fakes, and AI-driven manipulation of audio and video content in shaping the outcomes of the impending general elections in India.

As a follow-up to our event,, along with other civil society organisations and concerned citizens, has written to the Election Commission of India and platform companies to add stringent measures regarding generative AI and manipulated media as our nation gears up for National Elections, which will be held between 19 April 2024 and 01 June 2024.

As stakeholders committed to upholding democratic principles, we believe proactive measures are essential. In light of this concern, we urge ECI and the platform companies to take immediate and decisive action to ensure policies and practices against deepfakes and manipulative content.

The letter addressed to the Election Commission of India highlights the urgency of intervention to uphold electoral integrity in the face of threats posed by deep fakes and manipulated media. We urge ECI to direct intermediaries and platforms to reinforce internal processes and implement effective measures against misinformation tailored to electoral risks.

Similarly, we wrote to platform companies underscoring the need for robust policies and practices to counter the menace of Deep fakes, Generative AI, and Manipulated Media Content. We ask them to implement measures tailored to mitigate the risks associated with the creation and dissemination of such content, including access to official information on electoral processes, media literacy initiatives, fact-checking labels, and more.

●  Letter to ECI:

●  Letter to Platform Companies

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