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Time to #LetTheNetWork

Jul 12, 2021 is organising a two day event "Time To Let The Net Work" on July 15-16, 2021. The event aims to take forward the fight to #LetTheNetWork, a fight that aims to stop Internet shutdowns globally.

RTI Response from MEITY over Twitter's Manipulated Media Tag

Jun 18, 2021
Earlier in May, there were a series of tweets posted by BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra that the Congress Party had developed a tool kit to be used on social media to target the government in its…

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eBook on IT Intermediary Rules

Mar 27, 2012
Software Freedom Law Center, india ( has brought out an eBook that explains the issues with the Information Technology (Intermedairies Guidelines) Rules 2011. The eBook is licensed under…

Celebrating Software Freedom Day, 2010

Sep 20, 2010
Prof. Eben Moglen, Director-Counsel and Chairman of Software Freedom Law Center, visited AC3 on 16th September to celebrate Software Freedom Day with the community volunteers and students. He has…