Your Personal Data Is Up For Debate!

On November 18, 2022, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) issued the draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022 (DPDPB), which is open for public consultation till December 17, 2022.
These public consultations will take place in the form of sending comments to the Ministry, which will then consider them while making an amended draft. Public consultations are important, because they help to convey concerns and opinions to the Government. However, only a very select few are aware of the fact and procedure of consultations. To ensure that there is broader awareness and outreach regarding the same, has created a form for aggregation of public comments. This serves a two-fold purpose. Not only does it ensure that the concerns and thoughts of society as a whole are conveyed to the government, it also helps inform’s own comments. This allows perspectives from the private sector and small and medium businesses to get reflected as well.
Data Protection is an important aspect of privacy of personal data. It helps to create a system which specifies what this personal data can be used for, and who can process it.
The form seeks to understand concerns arising from different segments of society such as Individuals, Civil Society, Private Sector, Media, NGO’s, International NGO’s, amongst others. It provides questions framed in a way to understand not only concerns of these stakeholders, but also their ideas as to what data of theirs should be afforded more protection, and how this data should be protected. It also seeks to understand what rights Data Principals expect. invites you to submit your comments on the form, accessible here .

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