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‘Ethics by Design in AI’ – A Roundtable at IIM-Banglaore

On 20 July, 2019 (Saturday), SFLC.in in association with Facebook and IIM-Bangalore conducted a round table with start-ups, businesses, academicians, civil society and lawyers/ researchers on the topic ‘Ethics by Design in AI’. We discussed issues of ethics in AI and how we can incorporate ethical principles in AI systems by design.

Some of the key issues participants discussed during the discussion are: that ethics are an ever evolving concept and they also shift from region to region, we need to take care of such differences; there is already rich literature on inclusion of ethical principle in ICT, we should learn from these established practices and transpose them to AI use; we should build AI systems for human benefit and centred around how humans interact with technology; in India due to the non-robustness of the start-up ecosystem, start-ups are not always considering ethical questions while designing AI systems; for the regulation of AI, we should explore a co-regulatory model rather than a purely state regulation regime; and we need to go beyond informed consent and see how we can make the consent more meaningful.

We will be soon uploading the full report of the event.

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