Digital Security Training (DST) at SIAAPINDIA, Chennai

On 05 April 2024, Team conducted a Digital Security Training session at South India AIDS Action Programme (SIAAPINDIA), Chennai. The training session was designed to equip SIAAPINDIA’s employees with basic security practices to ensure data privacy.

Vignesh,, explained the fundamentals of data and data profiling based on the employees’ personal experiences. He demonstrated various methods to check if their personal data has been leaked and introduced multiple tools and best practices to keep them safe online.

Kiran S. Kunjumon,, explained the fundamentals of encryption and its significance in securing sensitive information while navigating the digital world.

Vignesh showcased various encryption tools and techniques to encrypt personal data and manage privacy threats. He also introduced SIAAPINDIA’s employees to the Online Gender Based Violence (OGBV) Guide by, providing them with a valuable resource for addressing digital grievances.

The Digital Security Training Session (DST) concluded with a brief discussion on filing cyber complaints and other legal measures for safeguarding online interests. is open to collaborating with organizations to conduct pro bono Digital Security Trainings (DST) and help individuals across the globe safeguard their digital spaces. Write to us at if you are interested in a DST.

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