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TRAI Consultation on OTT Regulation - Follow-up Submission on Surveillance Reform

Jun 13, 2019
On 20 May 2019, during TRAI’s 'Open House Discussion' in Delhi on OTT communication services, certain arguments were raised regarding national security concerns surrounding encrypted communication…

Any regulation of online speech in India must safeguard the rights to free speech and privacy

May 24, 2019
Unlike the US, free speech in India is not absolute. Our Constitution, while guaranteeing the freedom of speech and expression, places “reasonable restrictions” on this basic human right. Before…

Recent Posts at the Internet Freedom Festival, 2018

Mar 07, 2018
The 2018 edition of the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) is being held from March 5 - 9 in Valencia, Spain. IFF is an annual gathering that brings together those who defend digital rights around the…

[Press Release] Key Stakeholders discuss the future of India's Data Protection Law

Feb 22, 2018
Issue was debated at a round table discussion on businesses using innovation to their advantage at the cost of Right to Privacy Bangalore, February 15, 2018: In a round table discussion hosted by…

[Press release] India needs to challenge narratives that claim data protection will stifle innovation

Feb 21, 2018
In a round table discussion hosted by,, IIT Bombay and Ananta Aspen Centre yesterday, several law and technology experts from industry, civil society, and academia, discussed…

Round Table Discussion | Building an Indian Data Protection Framework: Next Steps

Feb 09, 2018
In the light of recent developments in India's privacy and data protection landscape, we are organizing Round Table Discussions on Building an Indian Data Protection Framework: Next Steps at…