Three Men Arrested In Jammu

Three men – Kishori Sharma, Bansi Lal and Moti Lal – were arrested in Jammu under charges of desecrating religious symbols, and inciting communal hatred using information technology.

The men were tagged in an allegedly blasphemous video and one of them had commented on it. As per news reports, a police official stated “The incident had the potential of escalating communal tensions in the area so we took all the three in custody for investigation.”

However, after serving a period of forty days in the jail, and with the Jammu police still not having proved any charges against them and investigations incomplete, the men moved court for bail.

“The policetold the parents that they will give them a clean chit andrelease thethree but that was all done just to maintain law and order and the three remained under arrest,” said Rajesh Sharma, lawyer of the accused.


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