SFLC.in’s Comments on the NITI Aayog Discussion Paper: Responsible AI For All:Use-Case Approach on Facial Recognition Technology

The Central Government think-tank, NITI Aayog has recently floated a Consultation paper on Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI) titled ‘Discussion Paper: Responsible AI for All: Adopting the Framework  A Use Case Approach on Facial Recognition Technology’, in November, 20221 [hereinafter “Paper” or “Discussion Paper”]. SFLC.in welcomes the initiative to develop discourse around Facial Recognition Technologies and the possible impacts across various stakeholders.
The efforts of the NITI Aayog in providing guidance on matters of deployment of AI 
in different spheres is wholeheartedly welcomed and appreciated. It is hoped that
further research is carried out to explore how the RAI principles can be applied to different types of AI technologies.

SFLC.in’s comments on the NITI Aayog discussion paper can be found below:

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