Report: The Goa Project 2014

The Goa Project, held in February 2014, was a crowd-funded event meant as a platform for individuals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds to come together and share their thoughts and ideas on topics of their choice. Attendees included everyone from musicians to engineers to lawyers and activists.

SFLC.IN, together with the Centre for Internet and Society, conducted a session on India’s surveillance state, where the pitfalls of the Adhaar/UID project and multiple upcoming surveillance systems were discussed in light of the absence of any privacy legislation in India. Other attendees covered a wide spectrum of topics including amateur film-making, the mathematics of music, ideas for recycling, and the statutory treatment of rape and sexual assault, among many others.

The Goa Project served the purpose of getting people from diverse backgrounds under one figurative roof in order to bring to notice several socially relevant subjects that would otherwise be outside one another’s areas of expertise.

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