Project RTI

Utilizing the Right To Information Act 2005 (RTIAct) we obtain information from various departments of the Government of India on its policies and orders especially on matters that affect the civil liberties of citizens in the digital world. collects and collates this information with the ultimate aim of mapping the various restrictions on civil liberties imposed by the Government of India or its agencies. Our Right to information (RTI) applications are aimed at bringing to light:

  • Recent government actions in collecting and monitoring information about its citizens;
  • Various government actions in developing newer and sophisticated technologiesto make surveillance of its citizens easier.

This information mobilizes public opinion on these issues, to start a healthy discussion and at the same time enable various stakeholders to help the authorities formulate more transparent and constitutional policies for the citizens of this interconnected world.

Under the RTI project, SFLC also proposes to set up a network of individual consultants to help, advise and work their way through the myriad shifting legal pathway in India.

So far, more than a hundred RTIapplications have been filed and we have come across quite revealing information related to privacy and are putting up information on our website. Some of these applications are in the appellate stage and the others are at the complaint stage.

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