SFLC.in impleads in Kerala HC Against Denial of Internet Access to Female Residents

Aug 02, 2019

An undergratuate student at Sree Narayana College, Chelanur, Kozhikode, Kerala has filed a petition in Kerala High Court against discriminatory hostel rules for female residents and arbitrary restrictions on accessing internet and electronic devices. According to the petition, the hostel rules deny residents of girls’ hostel from using mobile phones between 6 pm to 10 pm.

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Notable technology and rights related litigations

Sep 27, 2017

Below is a compilation of some notable technology and rights related litigations from India, on-going and concluded. This list includes matters filed before the Indian Supreme Court as well as various High Courts, and covers the broad topics of Privacy, Aadhaar, Intermediary Liability, Free Speech, and Right to be Forgotten.

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Aadhaar on trial: The litigations around Aadhaar

Jan 05, 2017

The development of Aadhaar over the years has opened a Pandora’s box of litigations against its various claims and processes that range on the spectrum from privacy rights to compulsory carrying of Aadhaar cards by drivers.

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