Women safety in Digital Spaces

SFLC.in wrote to the IT committee on issue of women saftey in Digital Spaces

SFLC.in wrote to the Standing Committee on Information Technology chaired by Dr. Shashi Tharoor on the issue of women safety in Digital space.

The current pandemic as well as the ongoing technological revolution have pushed the entire ecosystem to be online. This means that there are greater threats for women and marginalized communities in various forms over digital spaces, especially social media platforms.

SFLC.in had also released a report on Online Harassment which highlighted that online harassment is a form of censorship that forces people out of participating in the online discourse.

The letter listed out the need for protecting women and the marginalized communities in the digital space as well as highlighted certain suggestions for the committee. It also put forward certain questions for the ministry representatives.

SFLC.in has been conducting Digital Security Training to raise awareness about online saftey and educate attendees on the fundamentals of digital security. These trainings are hands on, interactive and are conducted free of cost.

Through the letter, SFLC.in has urged the committee to consider this issue in depth and has also offered to give any assistance required by the committee.


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