SFLC.in’s Letter to Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on Meta AI

In light of the recent rollout of Meta AI across Meta platforms in India, SFLC.in has written a letter to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology urging the Ministry to stop the rollout immediately.

SFLC.in highlighted the issue of Meta training its AI assistance using the publicly available data posted by users and non-users on its platforms. Such enormous powers given to social media platforms have been criticized as they may create privacy issues such as profiling and surveillance.

The letter also apprises the ministry of the obligation of online platforms to provide users with an opt-out option under EU law, which is lacking under the existing Indian law. As DPDPA 2023 is yet to be implemented, it has been requested that AI systems not process user data en masse in the absence of regulation.

SFLC.in has requested the Ministry to meet and engage in dialogue over such critical issues as privacy concerns.

To read the letter here:

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