Representation to Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh

Representation sent to Arunchal Pradesh Government for Suspension of Internet services in 15 districts to curb cheating in State Service Exams

A newspaper article dated 30.10.2020 published in Telegraph India titled ‘Arunachal Internet Bar to curb Cheating’ stated that Arunachal Pradesh government will be shutting down internet services on 1st November 2020 in 15 of its districts to ensure that no cheating takes place during state civil service exams. sent a representation to the Government of Arunachal Pradesh dated 31.10.2020 requesting the state government to reconsider shutting down the internet to prevent cheating in exams.

Suspending Internet services to prevent cheating in exams is a grave violation of  The Temporary Suspension Of Telecom Services (Public Emergency Or Public Safety) Rules, 2017  as well the decision of the honorable Supreme Court of India in Anuradha Bhasin V. Union of India. requested the State authorities to reconsider shutting down the internet to prevent cheating in examinations. Internet shutdowns have a harrowing impact on citizens and are often disproportionate in nature. Internet shutdowns are bound to cause economic loss, an impact on education, healthcare and other welfare schemes. An internet shutdown during a pandemic can be especially grave considering citizens depend on the internet to get information, work and study.



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