Follow-up Comments on the Consultation on Draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018

Sep 02, 2019
On August 20, 2019 we learned that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) was conducting a follow-up consultation on the draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 with…

Internet Multi Stakeholder Roundtable discussion

Aug 25, 2019
Internet Multi Stakeholder Roundtable discussion As a precursor to the formation of the IMSC, and Global Network Initiative(GNI) are organizing a round table discussion on - 'Data Protection…

Youth and Privacy: It does matter

Aug 15, 2019
Youth and Privacy: It does matter By Faisal Farooqui   Imagine a busy highway. A small child of four or five years old is running into the traffic. His/her parents nowhere to be seen. Who do you…

Our Comments on National Digital Health Blueprint

Aug 09, 2019
On 04 August 2019, we submitted our comments on the National Digital Health Blueprint to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Read the full comments on National Digital Health Blueprint https… impleads in Kerala HC Against Denial of Internet Access to Female Residents

Aug 02, 2019
An undergratuate student at Sree Narayana College, Chelanur, Kozhikode, Kerala has filed a petition in Kerala High Court against discriminatory hostel rules for female residents and arbitrary…

Truecaller automatically retrieved bank account details of its users and registered them for UPI

Aug 01, 2019
Reports came out on Tuesday that the Truecaller app had sent SMS messages from phones of unsuspecting

A Survey on AI and Ethics

Jul 26, 2019
If you're a relevant stakeholder, you can fill in the survey, here -

'Ethics by Design in AI' - A Roundtable at IIM-Banglaore

Jul 23, 2019
On 20 July, 2019 (Saturday), in association with Facebook and IIM-Bangalore conducted a round table with start-ups, businesses, academicians, civil society and lawyers/ researchers on the…

Round table on Ethics by Design in AI - 'Save the Date'

Jun 24, 2019
'Ethics by Design in AI'     The next frontier of technology infusion in the daily life of humans is powered by AI. As AI applications enter new domains, they raise complex questions that require a…

TRAI Consultation on OTT Regulation - Follow-up Submission on Surveillance Reform

Jun 13, 2019
On 20 May 2019, during TRAI’s 'Open House Discussion' in Delhi on OTT communication services, certain arguments were raised regarding national security concerns surrounding encrypted communication…

Any regulation of online speech in India must safeguard the rights to free speech and privacy

May 24, 2019
Unlike the US, free speech in India is not absolute. Our Constitution, while guaranteeing the freedom of speech and expression, places “reasonable restrictions” on this basic human right. Before…

Critical security advisory: WhatsApp vulnerability

May 14, 2019
WhatsApp has reported that a security vulnerability in the app was exploited to install the NSO Pegasus spyware in certain iPhones and Android phones. The spyware can be installed by calling a target…