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If you like our work and would like to join us in defending digital freedoms, there are many ways we think you can contribute the amazing work we do.

Become a Digital Defender

As an individual, join our Digital Defender program by donating to us and being part of our trusted community to collaborate and carry forward our work. Your contributions will go into funding our work and increasing our impact. In turn, we will send you goodies like T-shirts, stickers and more.

Become a Sponsor

As an organization, institution or company, you can sponsor our work and significantly strengthen our work and champion our common causes.

Sponsor an Event

We organize round tables, panel discussions, workshops and other reach-out activities to be able to bring together like-minded people and organziations and work on various issues. Your sponsorship can help raise the quality of the event and create a larger impact. Write to to sponsor an event.


If you are a lawyer, please lend your legal skills.

If you are a techie, please share your technical knowledge, or contribute code to some of our projects.

If you are a designer, please help us look better, contribute artwork like posters, banners and stickers.

Even if you are not specifically one of these, its a good idea to let us know that you are interested and we will find a way to be able to value your contributions.

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