FOSS News – December 2015

Mozilla Wants To Split Off Its Thunderbird Email/Chat Client

The Mozilla Foundation looks like it’s about to take another step in its bid to sharpen its focus on development around its Firefox browser. Mozilla now wants to once and for all hive off support for Thunderbird, the free email, chat and news client it first developed in 2004 but effectively stopped directly updating in in 2012. Mozilla now views any support for Thunderbird, even the limited support it has been providing for the past three years, as akin to “paying a tax,” in Baker’s words, on top of the work those engineers spend

building Firefox.

Collabora and Owncloud come together to provide online LibreOffice

Collabora Productivity, a UK-based consulting company has collaborated with ownCloud Inc. to release a developer edition of online LibreOffice, which they call CODE (Collabora Online Development Edition).

Collabora Productivity said in a press statement that CODE “allows prototype editing of richly formatted documents from a web browser. With good support for key industry file formats, including text documents (docx, doc, odt, pdf…), spreadsheets (xslx, xsl, ods,…) and presentations (pptx, ppt, odp,…).”

Apple releases Swift programming language under Apache License

AMD Radeon Technology Group’s plans to support FreeSync over HDMI and other upcoming display technologies like HDR and DisplayPort 1.3. In that story, we mentioned that AMD and the new RTG (Radeon Technologies Group) organization would have more news as the year drew

to a close. Today, we can talk about their next major initiative in dirving GPU resources across a wider swath of new applications, known as “GPUOpen.”

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