Branding, Info-Architecture,Web/UI Design:Niyam Bhushan.


Web-Development:Vaibhav Kanwal


Project-Assistant:Samarth Mediratta


Font and Typography:Gentium font.
Published under the SIL Open Font License.
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•Background-image of Geographic World Map:
© OpenStreetMap Contributors. Published under a CC-BY-SA License.
More info here: OpenStreetMap Copyright


•Background-photo of Supreme Court of India building:
© Legaleagle86 at English Wikipedia. Published under a CC-BY-SA.v3 License.
More info here:



This project is proudly authored in various Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), including:


FreeMind: For info-architecture and mind-mapping.
Inkscape: For logo, branding, user-interface design, web-page designs, web-sketches, illustrations, imagery.
GIMP: For photo-enhancements, imagery, pixel-editing, and importing web-sketches through Inkscape. For word-processing and spreadsheets.
Ubuntu: Operating System used during authoring.
LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP): Used on the staging servers.
WordPress: For the web-engine and Content-Management System.
Each plugin and extension activated within the WordPress engine adheres to a compatible Free & Open Source license.

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