As the defenders of digital rights, we believe that we must stand behind the citizens to fight the good fight to keep the internet open, secure, and safe for all. In the battle between the tech giants and the government, citizens’ rights are the ones that are often compromised as their voices are ignored for money and power. If our cause resonates with you, join the fight and stand behind these citizens to help defend their digital rights.

If you are a lawyer, please lend your legal skills.

If you are a techie, please share your technical knowledge, or contribute code to some of our projects.

If you are a designer, please help us look better, and contribute artwork like posters, banners, and stickers.

Even if you are not specifically one of these, it’s a good idea to let us know that you are interested and we will find a way to be able to value your contributions. Please follow us on Twitter to get notified.

Mail us at – mail@sflc.in