SFLC.in Community Partner for India FOSS 3.0.

The SFLC.in team attended the India FOSS 3.0 on 29th October 2023 in Bangalore. IndiaFOSS is an annual Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) conference organised with passion and commitment by the FOSS United community.

Kiran S Kunjumon and Kaustubha Kalidindi from the team conducted Digital Security Training, which focused on FOSS tools to establish good practices in the following domains.

  1. Privacy (the legal aspects of the domain)
  2. Data Breaches/Leaks (which helps people identify/classify data and take appropriate measures to protect it)
  3. Data Profiling (this covers the practices of different actors which profile Internet users according to their activities on the Internet)
  4. Threat Modelling (which is a DIY exercise which equips the attendee to gain a better understanding of their data)
  5. Safety Measures (this module covers general steps which equip the attendee to develop healthy habits in using digital devices/services).
  6. Privacy/Security Tools (this module aims to introduce the attendees to some effective tools that can be used to safeguard the Privacy/Security of the attendees).
  7. Social Media Security (this module covers walk-throughs of the privacy settings of different social media platforms/apps).
  8. Encryption (This module covers basics on how to encrypt and protect your devices from external actors)
  9. Legal Basics (This module covers laws, legislations and procedures for phone tapping, search and seizure, etc.)
  10. Women Safety(This module covers legal recourse’s that women can take for cyber crimes)
  11. Spyware and Stalkware (This module covers security practices aimed at teaching early detection of spyware and stalkware to the audience)

    SFLC.in was one of the community partners for India FOSS 3.0.

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