About the Digital Defender Fellowship Program:

SFLC.in's DDF Program aims to provide a platform for India's top technology and policy thinkers, to bridge the knowledge gap amongst different stakeholders in the technology ecosystem, particularly at this juncture, when technology is causing significant changes to our lives. We are looking for technology-savvy individuals who are keen to produce high-quality research and policy recommendations regarding the latest issues within the technology ecosystem. Our fellows should have a deep commitment to solving several public policy challenges at the forefront of national and global conversations.

Over the course of the Fellowship, SFLC.in will rely extensively on the expertise of our Digital Defender Fellows to build our core research and provide an insight into the events and publications about the topics they pursue.



The Fellowship will commence on September 1, 2020 and last for a year i.e. September 1, 2021.


 Who should apply:

A DDF Fellow should bring new ideas, skills, and new perspectives to produce action-oriented solutions. We welcome applications from people across different academic and professional backgrounds, disciplines, cultures, and countries, with a willingness to promote the Digital Rights and engage with various stakeholders to provide innovative policy solutions. The Fellowship is not limited to candidates with a legal background; instead, we encourage applicants from different spheres of life such as technologists, policymakers, civil rights activists, academicians, engineers, journalists, and other professionals.

In particular, we seek candidates with excellent academic credentials, relevant work experience, research skills, scientific temper, openness to new ideas, and a commitment to contribute to public welfare.


Other Benefits:

  • Non-residential Fellowship

  • Monthly stipend

  • Opportunity to participate in SFLC.in's events, training sessions, interactions, and projects.

  • Access to the Digital Freedom ecosystem.

  • Association with SFLC.in beyond the term of formal affiliation.

Application Process:

The DDF Fellowship selection process is a two-stage process, which involves selection based on different factors, specific to each candidate's profile, and it's alignment with SFLC.in's ecosystem.

Step I: Interested candidates should submit the following documents to apply@sflc.in:

  • A resume or CV.

  • A statement of interest (up to 1500 words) describing the following:

    • Your interest in joining the DDF Program.

    • How your work fits in with one of the topics of interest listed above?

    • How your planned work would contribute to SFLC.in's mission?

Step II: We will invite the short-listed candidates for an interview with the SFLC.in appointed Selection Committee.

Application Deadline:

Applications will be accepted until June 15, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. (Indian Standard Time). Late applications will not be considered. For any queries, reach out to us on mail@sflc.in.

We welcome you to research more about our work in the Digital Rights ecosystem and look forward to you joining us as a DDF Fellow!

DDF 2020