How Free Software Helps Us ?

We got familiar with GNU/Linux and started see how it is different from other OS's. While the technical skills developing one side, we frequently discussed on Free Software with the teachers coming to the center. We started understanding that the four freedom that are guaranteed by Free Software empowers us to value and exercise freedom on using the software, study it, share it with friends and improve it. Lot of people around us use illegal copies of other OS's and proprietary tools. But, we do not have to do any of these.

Free Software also helped us to work with a set of Free Software volunteers. We even traveled to Kochin with Free Software volunteers to attend the National Conference of Free Software. This happened on 15-Nov-2008 and 16-Nov-2008. There we even displayed the paintings created by one of our students, Mani, using GIMP. There were lot of takers for these paintings in the conference. With Free Software and Ambedkar Community Computing Center, we have started discovering our talents and bring it out to the world. This is every covered in The Hindu

Our volunteers at the National Conference

Finally, we are very excited that Free Software founder Richard Stallman has agreed to visit our center. We are now gearing up to have a nice chat with him.

With Community Computing Center we will make our Community a Computing Community.