Internet Shutdown Trends in India

Dec 02, 2016

Over the past few years, the number of instances in which Internet access was blocked for entire regions by the Indian Government has been steadily climbing. These “Internet shutdowns” are usually instituted as responses to conflict situations i.e.

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United Nations passes a resolution condemning Internet Shutdowns

Jul 05, 2016

The United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution on 1st July, 2016, condemning network disruptions and measures resorted by states to curb online access and/or dissemination of information.

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Internet Shutdown Tracker - India (2013-2016)

Apr 18, 2016

The number of internet blackouts in India is on a rise over the last few years.

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Legality of Internet shutdowns under Section 144 CrPC

Feb 10, 2016

India has seen numerous Internet shutdowns for various reasons in this year, all under the same provision of law - Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC).

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