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Communications Manager

Job description

The Communications Manager will be responsible for managing’s social media presence, cultivating and managing media relations on behalf of the organization, and developing and implementing strategies for effective community outreach. This position is ideal for those interested in pursuing careers in Digital Marketing and Social Media design. The key responsibilities of the Communications Manager will be:

  • Manage’s presence on social media platforms;

  • Produce content for’s website as well as for its social media profiles (content may include blog-posts, info-graphics etc.);

  • Cultivate and manage active relations with relevant national and international media outlets;

  • Generate media visibility (print, television, and online) for and its team-members;

  • Develop strategies aimed at creating awareness, generating interest in’s initiatives and activities;

  • Develop and execute campaigns related to issues of public interest.


This is a full-time position based out of our New Delhi office.


  • Bachelor’s/Masters degree in mass communication / journalism / media studies;

  • 1+ years experience

  • Excellent knowledge of social media platforms;

  • Excellent communication skills;

  • Ability to work both independently and within a team environment;

  • Experience using Free and Open Source Software and a passion for technology.

Experience in graphic design, while not mandatory, will add significant weightage to applications.


As per industry standards.

How to apply

Interested candidates are requested to forward their applications with a cover letter and résumé in free document format by December 20th, 2016 to with a subject line – “Application for position of Communications Manager”

For further details, please feel free to contact Ms. Mamta Varma, Business Manager, at the following address:
K-9 Second Floor, Birbal Road,
Jangpura Extension,
New Delhi-110014
Phone: +91-11-43587126 / 43502878