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Privacy Project Blog

  • Our resources on Aadhaar March 10, 2017 Aadhaar, the unique biometric identification project of UIDAI has been at the center of many debates since its inception. Among other things, concerns have been raised regarding privacy, and security of the sensitive biometric data…
  • Aadhaar on trial: The litigations around Aadhaar January 05, 2017 The development of Aadhaar over the years has opened a Pandora’s box of litigations against its various claims and processes that range on the spectrum from privacy rights to compulsory carrying of Aadhaar cards by…
  • Digital Citizen Summit by Digital Empowerment Foundation (November 11) December 01, 2016 Our Counsel, Prasanth Sugathan was part of a panel on privacy at the Digital Citizen Summit organized by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) in Bangalore on 11th November, 2016.  This session focused on digital privacy and…
  • ‘Putting all Aadhaar data in one big box is ill advised’: Mishi Choudhary November 09, 2016 Mishi Choudhary, in an interview with Business Standard, published on 3rd October, 2016 talks about the lack of privacy, data protection and the impediment it causes thereto in light of the government’s ambitious Digital India…
  • Summary Report: Discussion on Understanding Aadhaar through the Lens of Technology October 07, 2016, in collaboration with iSPIRT (Indian Software Product Industry Round Table) organized a discussion on September 5, 2016 at the India International Centre, New Delhi, where we aimed to delve deeper into the technological components…